SilverStone Jewels     Handmade Sterling Silver and Argentium Silver Jewlery


Lee is dedicated to her craft and goes the extra mile to make sure that her customers are happy and love their jewelry! 


Lee has years of experience personally selling her jewelry and learning what people like and want to wear.  She continues to learn and enhance her collections.


Each piece of jewelry is handmade by Lee and reflects her style in jewelry which has become known as "simple and elegant".  "There is such beauty reflected in jewelry that is not manufactured!"   All SilverStone Jewels designs are copyrighted. Certificates are on file with the US Copyright office!

To continue to put smiles on the faces of women wearing SilversStone Jewels


To continue to be a part of special moments and memories of all those buying gifts for loved ones


To enjoy life doing something that is so satisfyingly creative and rewarding!


When you truly love what you do, it is evident in every aspect of your work. Making jewelry is more than a "job" to Lee, it is her passion!  She is grateful to be doing something she loves and takes pride in each and every piece she makes!  All silver and other materials used to craft Silverstone Jewels are of a high quality!

Our Vision

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